Kayleen., NYC.

Team Shanrock always.
Julie Ofcharsky

Britt is so damn annoying.

Clifford looking ass.

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an octopus is just a wet spider


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i wonder if my first follower still follows me

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Anonymous said: Benze, Hailey, & Stephanie were so irrelevant in the house and tried so hard to get their 5 minutes on the reunion

I like benzee tbh i see her around sometimes

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Anonymous said: That was Zara who was cutting herself in the bathroom, not Ripsi.

Okay excuse me for not remembering an episode from like 7 years ago

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Just because Alyssa (Redd)’s big doesn’t mean she’s a new Tanisha.

Stfu stop.

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Seriously tho why aint none of the doors in the BGC house got locks?

I believe because in season one Ripsi locked herself in the bathroom and self harmed. I’m not sure though.

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These bitches acting like Teresa died or something. Chill.

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Bigger, Better, Baddest.: Review on Queens of Key West


So I don’t really know why the mean girls are stuck on the comment “broke hoes.” Common girls… This is like elementary stuff… Too bad you don’t have a teacher to cry to “Teacher! She called me ****.” Really girls get over it. All the girls are just being a bunch of mean girls… It’s pretty…

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Angelic is such a sweet heart honestly I love her.